What is the most powerful form of energy we are using today?



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    In terms of what energy has the most power is contained in a certain amount of mass, than diesel fuel would be the most concentrated fossil fuel that we commonly use. However, nuclear fuel rods (for fission) can also hold a lot of energy while still being quite small. I’m not sure what the exact BTU content in a nuclear fuel rod is, but keep in mind that nuclear fuel rods were refined from ore in the first place, which has a much lower concentration of energy.

    As far as future technologies go, antimatter and fusion are two forms of energy that have the potential to be very powerful. However, right now we can only use fusion to produce bombs and we do not have a safe way to use it for power generation. Antimatter is theoretically the most concentrated form of energy because antimatter would react with regular matter to produce pure energy, eliminating all the matter completely and producing no waste. However, we have never harnessed the power of antimatter for any practical use yet.

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