What is the most powerful force for erosion?



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    Probably water, though gravity is also very powerful.  Water erosion has formed some of the most impressive landscapes here in the continental U.S. including the Grand Canyon.

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    There are many forces of erosion and there are a few key players. In location where there are glaciers or landslides, they are huge forces for changing the landscape. In general water is the most powerful force of erosion. Whether it is in the form of ice, snow, and rain or in the ocean or a river, water transforms the earth. The other force or unwanted erosion is human development and ground movement. When ground is moved or cut into and not replanted it is very vulnerable to erosion.

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    Water is definitely the greatest culprit of eriosion. With that said, wind and tectonic movement also have strongly contributed to erosion. Poor land management by humans, as in overgrazing of livestock and deforestation, has led to more artificial means of erosion. A combination of both natural and artificial erosion is best displayed by the famous dust bowl.

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