What is the most powerful fish in the ocean?



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    The most powerful fish that scientists have discovered that have lived in the ocean are known as Dunkleosteus terrelli.  These fish lived in Prehistoric times, were 33 feet long, and weighed up to 4 tons.  Researchers have found that these fish have had the most powerful jaws ever, and also very fast.

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    The strongest (saltwater) fish still living today seems to be the Jack Crevelle (or Amberjack) with tuna and sharks ranking as well. 

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    A species called the Mangrove Rivulus (also known as the Mangrove Killifish) is unique in its ability to survive out of water for long periods of time.  It can survive for sixty-six days in a fallen log, with skin adapted to breathe oxygen.  It is also unique in its ability to breed without any mate.

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    that may be true but the megalodon was much larger and had a bite force like no other that may be the stronger fish he and it is an actual fish the one below is a reptile i believe but don’t quote me on that 

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      ok i made a small mistake the megalodon was about the smae size of the average humback whale in fact the megalodon feasted apon said whales and had a bit force of a maximum of 10.8 tons

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