What is the most populated city in Alaska?



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    There ain’t much bustling anywhere in Alaska unless you count moose-hunting, but Anchorage is by far the most happenin’ place. It has the largest population, with 277,000 people, making up 42 percent of the state’s population. It had most of its growth in the 1980’s and today is the central port town and business hub for the state. If you don’t live in Anchorage, you are presumably off in the woods fishing and living in a shack. Just kidding.. But seriously, there is not much in the way of bustling cities in Alaska.

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    Anchorage is definitely the most populated city. After Anchorage it is Fairbanks and then the capital, Juneau. The college in Anchorage has over 14,000 students. The answer above is right, there are not very many people who live in Alaska, but these cities are actual cities, just like in the continental US of A.

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