What is the most popular type of tea in the world?



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    Black tea is the most popular, english breakfast and early grey are amongst the most common. 

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    Chai tea is another very popular tea in many regions of the world but green tea has also become more popular in recent years. Many studies have been released that indicate the consumption of green tea has many healing benefits. In Asian culture, the consumption of green tea has been something of a regular occurrence for centuries that has just recently caught on in the states.

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    This site (http://www.the-color-of-tea.com/types-of-tea.html) says black tea is the most popular, and I am inclined to agree with that. Black tea is very widely drunk in the UK, as well as in many Asian countries, and probably in the US, too, but to a lesser extent. Green tea is also popular, but especially in Japan.

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    Black Tea is the most popular tea, not only for its basic taste but also because many ingredients can be added to change the flavor. It also has many health benefits in many areas. Becuase it is so popular this has created a demand for many different variations of black tea which has allowed tea to become a more creative and beautiful experience.

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