What is the most popular type of ant in America?



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    There are several ant types that are common in America. If you see one in your home, it is most likely the Carpenter Ant. They tend to set up satellite colonies inside of homes and chew passageways through old wood, hence their name. If an ant happens to attack you and you feel a burning sensation, it is probably a Fire ant. You may recognize a colony of these creatures if you see them entering and exiting small holes in the soil and they are known to attack animals and humans. If you live in the western US, then you may also come accross the Western Harvester Ant. Like Fire Ants, these ants are also known to be aggressive. The following picture is of a Carpenter Ant.

    Carpenter Ant


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    The most popular ant, if you can take anything away from Google searches, is a dead ant. To find the most common American ant, I waded through the how-to-kill pages who all seem to agree that the pavement ant is one of the most common, especially in Atlantic urban areas. Also known as the sugar ant” (an Australian species) or “house ant” (generic names of which there are several varieties), these ants are the tiny ones about half the size of a carpenter ant, that make little mounds of sand in the sidewalk and invade the home looking for sweet food sources.

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