What is the most popular religion on the continent of Africa?



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    While religion in Africa is multifaceted, Christianity and Islam dominate most of the continent. Christianity, one of the most widely practiced religions, is the largest religion in Sub-Saharan Africa. Christianity first came about around 300 AD when the people of northern and southern Africa followed the Roman Emperor’s lead in converting to the monotheistic faith. Islam is also widely practiced in Africa. Islamic traditions appeared in Africa around 600 AD, first in Egypt, before it spread across the population of North Africa. Though the two religions are closely related in popularity, there are more Muslims than there are Christians in Africa.

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    Hey there! According the World Book Encyclopedia, Islam is the most popular religion in Africa with about 47% of the population following it. However, Christianity is also a close second; and like Shauna has stated it’s mostly popular in south Africa while Islam is widely practiced in northern Africa. While Christianity and Islam are almost head to head, the traditional religions in AFrica are also quite popular as well – though they are becoming a minority as Christianity and Islam spreads.

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