What is the most popular national geographic magazine of all time?



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    I think you just answered your own question!! It has been published for over 121 years, and boasts one of the most recognizable covers of all times. More than 50 million people receive the magazine every month, and read it in 32 different languages. It has received numerous awards for journalism and photography.

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         I don’t know if it was technically the best selling, but the June 1985  “Afghan Girl” issue of National Geographic is probably the most famous. It featured photographer Steve McCurry’s haunting cover photo of a thirteen-year-old Afghan girl in a Pakistani refugee camp. McCurry never learned her name, but in 2002 National Geographic tried to find her again. Miraculously, she was discovered living in the mountains of Afghanistan with her husband and three daughters. Her name turned to be Sharbat Gula, and though she now lives a by strict religious law that did not allow her to meet with men outside the family, she was granted permission to meet with McCurry again. 

         Sharbat Gula’s picture came to symbolize the suffering of the Afghan people, and the National Geographic Society has set up a fund to help Afghan girl and women in her honor. 

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