What is the most popular marathon in the world?



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    If by most popular you mean the marathon with the most finishers, the winner would be the New York City ING Marathon of 2010.  That particular event had 44,977 finishers.  The list of largest marathons can be found here.


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    If by popular you mean best-known, considering its reputation in a common person’s mind, I would say the Boston Marathon. I’m not a fan of running in general, but I’m well aware of the Boston Marathon and that it attracts tons of runners every year. I did not know that New York City held a marathon, though it would’ve been a reasonable assumption.

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    The New York City Marathon has more runners than the Boston Marathon, so in that sense, it is more popular.  However, anyone can run New York, but you have to qualify for the Boston Marathon.  So the Boston Marathon is probably more popular amongst elite runners, but the NYC Marathon is more popular, and more populated, overall.  They’re both great and really, really hard. 

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