What is the most popular green magazine?



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    National Geographic!  While bringing us amazing pictures of many cultures and climates for years they have also educated and advocated for more responsible practices locally and globally. 

    Another evidently popular choice is Grist which one a Webby for Best Magazine in 2005 and 2006 for its content online.

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    Dwell is a very popular magazine that often focuses on “green” topics relating to design, architecture, and sustainable living. In the spirit of being green, avoiding print publications is a good move so with that said, I would also like to nominate Treehugger. Although it is considered to be a blog, its many articles are quite worthy. As mentioned above, Grist is also a wonderful read.

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    Yes! Magazine has a readership of over 150,000 readers each quarter, either through the in-print magazine or online, where new content is posted daily. Yes! focuses on addressing environmental and “green” issues in terms of solutions, rather than problems. They take an unusually positive outlook on these kinds of issues, where typical media reports tend to focus more on negative aspects. Yes! doesn’t seek to down-play the seriousness of these issues, but rather help focus on improvements and successes to improve morale and help empower people to continue positive environmental and social change. Yes! is also unique in that it is a non-profit magazine free of advertisements—it depends on readers and donors to help fund reporting and stories.

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    E Magazine (The Environmental Magazine) deals with…well, the environment. It is an independent magazine aimed at getting environmental awareness to the masses and eco friendly resources to its readers. Along with dealing with environmental issues, E Magazine also offers ways in which to enrich your life and that of the life around you. 

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