What is the most popular fish to eat in Europe?



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    In a 2002 Cambridge study on the variation of fish-types consumed in 10 European countries, the most commonly consumed fish was found to be cod (18.7%), followed by the herring (12.8%). The study found that almost 50% of fish type consumed in the countries studied were white fish, as opposed to fatty fish, very fatty fish, fish product, and crustacea.

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    As chanj stated above the most popular fish consumed in Europe is cod.  Specifically, Portugal is a seafaring nation with a well-developed fishing industry and this is reflected in the amount of fish and seafood consumed each year. The country has Europe’s highest fish consumption per capita and is among the top four in the world for this indicator.  According to an article posted in Fast Company, Europe had eaten a year’s worth of fish by July 2, pushing every fish they eat now closer to extinction.

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