What is the most popular electric car?



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    I believe that the Toyota Pruis is the most popular, but Ford and Chevy are also coming out with cars that are getting some attention. 

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    As rated by Cars.com the two top rated cars are the Toyota Prius and the Toyota Yaris. Both are excellent cars, but they have different features. The Prius has more room and would be more conducive to a family. The Yaris is less expensive and has a more compact body type. 

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    Tesla’s roadster was the first to sell 1,000 models.

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    the Nissan Leaf may overtake them all, if its hype proves to be true. It had 8,000 preorders in the first 9 days preordering was allowed, and Nissan expects to have 25,000 preorders by December. We’ll have to wait until next spring to actually see if the car lives up to the hype, however.

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