What is the most popular electric car in China?



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    The “Shanzhai” electric car made by the BYD company has been selling well in small villages, due to its low cost of US $3000-$4000 and the fact that it can be charged in a regular outlet. These aren’t two-seaters either; they can fit four people and are replacing bicycles in small cities. However, speakers at the Low Carbon Economic Forum held in China in May claim that no new-energy vehicles are 100% electric, yet car companies, including BYD, continue to use low-carbon claims.

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    Due to its  battery life and size, the  TY-80E is currently a popular electric car in China. The battery does not necessarliy need to be charged after every use and lasts up to 500  recharging occurences. This is unlike most electric cars. With being fully loaded, this car’s minimum ground clearance is 110 mm which most do not pass over 100 mm.

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