What is the most popular biofuel in the world?



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    The most commonly used biofuel is the ethanol fuel. In 2008 worldwide production reached 17335 million US gallons. The US and Brazil are the top producers, making around with around 14000 million gallons. In 2008 the ethanol’s market share in the gasoline type fuel industry grew to 5.4%. 

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    Olen, I’d have to agree with seppe, ethanol is definitely the most produced biofuel worldwide. However, research into hydro/aeroponic cultivation of such materials could result in more efficient and concentrated fuel, thus requiring less land to be deforested as the industry grows. Hope I helped, and have a green day!

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    Ethanol is certainly widespread, but it is also a relatively new development.  While you may be thinking liquid vehicle fuel when asking about biofuels, I would suggest that biofuel is more broadly interpreted to indicate any fuel that is made from biomass (as opposed to fossil energy). So, I would have to say that wood is the most commonly used bio-fuel out there. Wood as a fuel also has a very long historical record.

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    Let’s not forget biodiesel! Diesel is the only biofuel widely available in America and other nations alike.  While ethanol is on the rise, it isn’t as available and sustainable as many would hope.  Especially if we’re talking about fuel for our cars, diesel is still in the lead as one of our better alternatives to fossil fuels. 

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