what is the most polluted waterway in the world?



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    The most polluted waterway in the world is the Citarum River in Indonesia. The nine million people who live near the river and the more than five hundred factories close by have contributed to the pollution of the river. Many of the factories produce chemicals which then run off into the river; in addition to this, the river is overflowing with trash and other waste from humans. There is no trash collection service or modern toilet facilities, so everything ends up in the river. The polluted water has invaded rice paddies, which has posed a health risk to the people who use the water for cooking, drinking, and washing.

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    It seems that the Citarum River is the most polluted waterway in the world. It is located in West Java, Indonesia. Approximately nine million people live near this river and hundreds of factories line it as well. Apparently, at least in parts of it, one could take a boat into the river and that would be the only sign that there is a river there, as parts are literally completely covered in garbage, at least from pictures I have seen. It has gotten some attention recently, though, as in 2008 the Asian Development Bank approved a $500,000,000 loan to clean it up.

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