What is the most polluted river in the US?



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    The Mississippi, Ohio, and Tennessee Rivers are the most polluted rivers in the United States.  Statistics were not given on the website, so I don’t know what makes these rivers the most polluted in comparison to others.  However, it is said that 3.5 million people in the US become sick every year due to contact with water they did not know was contaminated.  

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    To add to mcoffey’s answer, the pollution in the Mississippi River can be traced to population growth, industrialization, and agricultural practices. As surrounding areas of the river became more populated, human activities contributed to more industrial practices, which ultimately led to an increase in toxic metals. Agricultural runoff, like livestock manure, contributes to bacterial and nutrient pollution. Moreover, bacterial pollution in the river also traces back to sewage treatment facilities. Upland erosion and chemical leaks and spills can contribute to the Mississippi River’s pollution problem as well.

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