What is the most polluted city in the world according to WHO among Los Angeles,Mexico,Lahore and Shanghai ? Read more: http://greenanswers.com/q/272071/other/what-most-polluted-city-world-according-who-among-los-angelesmexicolahore-and-shangha#ixzz1



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    Without reading the link, I am tempted to say Lahore. I remember reading an article on how Lahore, Pakistan is so really bad air pollution to the point where if you leave your clothes out to dry they would get dirty again. The pictures I see of the city shows just how bad the air pollution is. WHO states that the most popular cause of death is air pollution – both outdoor and indoor. I can only imagine what its residents go through everyday. The website LahoriMela states that it’s air quality index, AQI is severe at an average of 136.

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