What is the most poisonous plant to humans?



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    The castor bean plant is the most deadly of all plants. Castor beans (not true beans, but rather seeds) contain a poison, called ricin, which works by preventing cells from making proteins, says the CDC (Center for Disease Control). Cells die without the proteins, and the resulting damage to the body can be great enough to eventually kill a person.

    The plant originally came from Eastern Africa, but now grows wild all over. Many cities plant it in parks, and other public places.

    More ominous: ricin is part of the mash left over from making castor oil from the beans, and can be used to deliberately poison people. A 500-microgram dose (about the size of a pin head) is enough to do the job if injected or inhaled.

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    The deadliest plant is the castor bean. Castor beans are full of racin a poison that can kill humans. When making castor oil the mesh that is left over contains ricin which can be used to deliberately poison someone.  

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