What is the most poisonous animal or plant on the Earth?



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    At only 1.5 inches long, the Golden Poison Frog is known to be the most poisonous creature on earth. It lives on the Pacific coast of Colombia. The frog’s poison prevents nerves from transmitting impulses in its victim, leaving the muscles in an inactive state of contraction. This can lead to heart failure or fibrillation.

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    The golden poison dart frog, or terribilis, contains enough to poison to kill 10 people. Here is a list of the runners up: http://yourscienceblog.blogspot.com/2008/02/top-eight-8-most-poisonous-animals.html

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    The most poisonous plant on earth is considered to be Oleander. It contains several types of poisons and can even poison a person who has had honey from a bee that has ingested oleander. It’s native to the far East though it has been introduced to the US and is used often for decorative purposes. They grow from 6 to 18 feet at maturity. It is poisonous to most animals as well as children. If a person manages to survive the first 24 hours after ingestion, then chance of survival increases dramatically.

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