What is the most pointless hybrid you have ever seen?



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    The Hummer H3 plug in hybrid seemed like a kind of pointless idea. Taking what could be considered the epitome of wasteful transportation and making it fuel efficient seems like a good idea but how much time and effort was invested into doing something that really would mainly appeal to a small market of consumers. Seems like the time could have been better utilized developing new vehicles that best utilized the hybrid technology. 

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    I always found any type of large SUV hybrid to be rather counter productive to the whole “green movement.” Going off of what jmendez mentioned, making a large SUV and trying to incorporate the advantages of hybrid technology sends mixed messages to the public. I always thought the benefits of a hybrid were it’s small size (uses less materials that pollute the environment) as well as its emission free engine. 

    I understand that some families need larger vehicles and want to be helpful to the environment, but I almost feel like ethanol engines would be more useful in scenarios like this. 

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