What is the most natural place on earth?



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    Jassy World put together a list of what they believe to be the most natural places in the world. It ranges from a waterfall in Alaska to the mountains of Taiwan to penguins on beaches in South Africa. I urge you to go the site below; the pictures are really quite beautiful.

    In my opinion though, there should be no pictures of the most natural place on earth. I think it has to be somewhere where no man has been; I mean you can’t get more natural than that. So that would mean deep in the jungles of the Amazon, somewhere in the huge desert of the Sahara, in caves deep under the ocean, or in the plains of the South or North pole.

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    If by natural you mean untouched, the largest would definitely be Antarctica.  There are research facilities for scientists to study the wildlife and fluctuating ice packs but no urban or village areas.  Unfortunately, it has become quite the destination for tourists, so a larger, negative human impact is probable in the future.  However, due to it’s remote location and harsh climate, it has remained relatively untouched by humans thus far.

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