What is the most mega pixels you can get in a digital camera?



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    The highest pixel count a camera has is the Hasselblad’s new, true 39 megapixel SLR. Most camera’s today however have between 2 and 4.5 megapixels 2MP-4.5MP)

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    It depends on the category of camera you are looking for. 

    On the consumer market, the Hasselblad H2D-39 is one of the highest megapixel cameras one can buy. It has 39 megapixels and will detect some of the tiniest details in the world. The pictures it takes are simply stunning. For a mere $30,000.00 you can own one.  

    There is also another caliber of camera entirely made for telescopes. These cameras can be up to 500 megapixels and each picture they take can be up to 12 GB in size (so big it wouldn’t even fit on some hard drives!). 

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