What is the most intrusive plant species?



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    Noxious weeds are probably the most intrusive and invasive plant species out there. They are usually introduced to a foreign area but eventually drive out the native species through competition for food and resources. These weeds change the habitat biodiversity, most often decreasing the biodiversity, perhaps the reason for which they were named.

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    The Hottentot fig, kudzu, cheatgrass, water hyacinth, and Japanese Knotweed made Environmental Graffiti’s “5 Worst Invasive Plant Species” list.

    A significant amount of the world’s most invasive plant species are plant species that invade wetlands. 24 percent of the world’s most invasive species intrude wetlands. One of these invasive plants is the common reed (Phragmites australis).

    The Center for Plant Conservation provides a list of links regarding invasive species in different states here: http://www.centerforplantconservation.org/invasives/links.html

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