What is the most important part of a forests ecosystem?



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    Water and nutrient cycles are very important in forest ecosystems. Some plant species require more light and water than others, and also have different optimal combinations of nutrients. Going off of that, different animals may only be able to survive off of a few plant species, and so on. Another important thing to consider are the microclimates in forest ecosystems. The temperature and moisture levels on the forest floor will be very different from that of 10 meters up.

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    I would have to say everything.  The fact that everything works as a team (whether they know they do or not) to keep the ecosystem stable and going is an amazing fact!  One change leads to another.  Everything must be in equilibrium or it will crumble. 

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    Everything in an ecosystem evolved so that each species could live together in harmony with the other.  If one thing was missing, it could have a huge effect on the success of the ecosystem, but it might also not have a big effect until a long time later.  Everything in an ecosystem depends on each other, so everything is equally important.

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