What is the most important material for green building?



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    Sustainable woods like bamboo are likely the most important material for green building. However, several products make up successful green building. Recycled materials are vital for building because they cut down on waste. Materials that use solar energy or are energy efficient are also vital as they cut down on waste in the long run.

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    Sustainable wood materials usually make up the largest percentage of building green residential homes in the U.S. Some other environmentally-friendly materials include sustainable flooring materials like cork and Marmoleum. recycled materials, such as PaperStone for countertops. If you’re in the market for some building materials, check out Green Depot. You can also find an overview of green building materials at http://www.ehow.com/facts_4899980_list-green-building-materials.html.

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    Cork flooring is a green building material, as well as bamboo flooring. You can even buy insulation made from recycled old denim jeans. Buy low-VOC paint, which means that it has less toxins, and obtain wood and other materials locally. Solar panels for your roof, and a solar hot water heater, are also green building materials. 

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