What is the most important forest in the world?



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    Though there really isn’t a “most important” forest, I would say that two of the largest forests which have the significant impacts upon our world are the Amazon rain forest and the Canadian boreal forest.

    The Amazon river basin covers 40% of South America and is the largest rainforest in the world. It is roughly the size of the United States and has a myriad of ecosystems and vegetative types.

    The Canadian Boreal Forest, just below the tundra of the polar region, is part of the largest terrestrial environment on the planet, a forest of evergreen trees which encircles the planet. Canada is home to 1.3 billion acres of boreal forest.

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    I agree that their really isn’t a forest that takes priority.  For example, I think that the Bialowieza forest between Poland and Belarus is the most important forest.  The Bialowieza forest is a UNESCO world heritage cite because it contains some of the last old growth forest in Europe.  It is a center of biodiversity and a window into Europe’s past.  It also contains critically endangered species such as the european forest bison which once roamed all of europe.Bison in Bialowieza Forest: Photo credit: Wild Poland.comBison in Bialowieza Forest: Photo credit: Wild Poland.com

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