what is the most important environmental law that is in America?



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    I can only give you a very subjective answer, since that is the only sort of answer available to this question.

    I believe the series of laws which solidified and protected National Parks from development and exploitation to be the most important environmental laws in the US. These laws include The Yellowstone National Park Act which created the first national park in 1872. The National Park Service Organic Act, which created the national park service in 1916. The General Authorities Act: 1970 and Redwoods Act, amended in 1978.

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    Difficult to place more importance on one piece of legislation over another as their effects are difficult, if not impossible to quantify. However, a list of some of the most important pieces of environmental law would include the Clearn Air Act and the Clean Water Act which set precedents for an administrations ability to regulate key environmental aspects. 


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