What is the most important animal that has been domesticated and why?



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    I would have to say the dog.  They make great companions, and can be trained to hunt, detect seziures before they happen, and even help find missing people.  In addition, they make great, loyal companions, and can even help reduce your blood pressure.

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    It can also depend on what era and what person you’re talking to. Take the horse for example. Horses were a necessity for a long time for plowing fields and transportation. While we don’t depend on them as much today, they too have a role in helping people in therapy, and they can also be integrated into a physical therapy program.

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    I would agree with both of the answers above. Cattle and chickens have also provided much food for humans and are easily ranched or farmed. Dogs are amazing companions and help many people with disabilities as service and seeing-eye dogs. Horses have helped people to move about the country and world and have helped us ranch cattle and other animals.

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