What is the most healthy part of being a vegetarian?



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    People are vegetarian for many reasons, there is no one thing that is the driving force behind it. You may want to avoid those nasty little twisted proteins called prions, which are concentrated in animal meat. You may want to lower your cholesterol, avoid dangerous hormones or murcury, or keep parasites at bay.

    You may want to help end the environmental devastation that comes of factory farms and slaughterhouses – these can do great damage to the ecology, thereby affecting our overall health as well.

    At the same time, there is a whole other world of health to consider when being vegetarian – your spiritual health. How much will it benefit you to know that you are not participating in factory farming?

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    In terms of health benefits, I believe the extremely lower levels of saturated fat, cholesterol, and excess protein are the healthiest aspects of a vegetarian diet. Meat contains a great deal of cholesterol, and the human body does not need any cholesterol from diet, as our bodies make enough cholesterol on their own. Cholesterol and excess protein from meat are a major problem in the meat-eater’s diet, and can lead to major problems such as obesity and heart disease.

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    There’s a lot of cholesterol, and often fat, in animal flesh.  Eliminating it helps to reduce health problems related to these factors.  Many vegetarians say that they can literally feel a difference in the way their body feels shortly after starting their new diet.  The difference is even more pronounced if one were to go vegan, too.

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