What is the most harmful weapon that we use in war?



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    This is a great question and one I feel confident in answering with a great amount of certainty. I first read about cluster bombs in Dr. Helen Caldicott’s “The New Nuclear Danger.” Follow the YouTube link below to get a good idea of how a cluster bomb functions… Notice the tiny yellow packages about the size and shape of a soda can? Not only do they fly into people’s homes indiscriminately and basically go wherever and kill whoever, not all of these little bastards detonate. Here’s the kicker: The food we drop on war torn areas may also come in yellow packaging and be of similar shape and size. This has caused a spike in the number of limbless children throughout middle east as well as the numerous other places where cluster munitions are used…

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    If you are talking sheer destructive power, it would have to be a nuclear warhead attached to an ICBM. Some would argue that other weapons have been developed that can have similar or worse effects than nuclear weapons, but consider this: nuclear fallout. Other weapons destroy, yes, but do not leave lingering harmful effects for hundreds of years like a nuke does. Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan will not truly be rid of the effects of the bombings of 1945 for a very long time, as they still suffer from health issues and birth defects from leftover fallout. Though a nuclear bomb has not been used in a military action since WW2, it still remains our most destructive weapon to date.

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