What is the most harmful type of meat for the environment?



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    Any type of meat that is produced in a CAFOS (Confined Animal Feeding Operations) farms are the least environmentally friendly types of meat. First of all, these farms are large and are generally run like assembally lines, meaning they are bound to give off more pollution than your average family farm.

    In addition, these farms pump their animals full of antibiotics in order to make sure they do not die in the disgusting cnoditions they are forced to live in. Not only are these antibiotics not good to be eaten, they can help lead to the creation of “super bugs” by leaving only the stronger bacteria which grow resistance to the antibiotics left to multiply.

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    Depending on your environmental priorities, the worst meat for the environment is probably either beef or various forms of seafood. Beef is a problem because cows are currently feed lots of grain, which their stomaches aren’t adapted to digesting. That means they need to eat a lot of corn, which in turn means more land farmed, more intensively. Pigs and chickens are both better at digesting corn, so the environmental impact of raising enough corn to produce a pound of pork or chicken is lower than to produce a pound of beef.

    Seafood is bad because today our fishing fleets are so efficient that we’re disrupting whole ecosystems and “fishing out” important species like tuna and cod [citation 1] and beginning to harvest the remaining large fish like the Patagonian toothfish (rebranded as “Chilean Sea Bass”) which live in cold water all their lives, grow slowly, and take years to reach reproductive age [citation 2].

    From an ecosystem standpoint eating many kinds of seafood is much more damaging than eating beef, but beef probably contributes more to carbon and methane emissions, and therefore to global warming, than does fishing. 

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