What is the most harmful thing in aerosol sprays?



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    There are a few issues with aerosol sprays. Two of these issues are the use of aerosol spray as an aid to get high. The intentional inhalation or *huffing* of content from these cans can cause a high and in some cases be abused by the consumer. A second issue is the unintentional inhalation of this product can cause a piggy-back affect for other dangerous particles entering the human body and/or the environment around you.

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    Aerosols now are free of ozone-depleting CFCs (they have been since the 1970s), but they still pose a threat to the environment. They still contain a great deal of hydrocarbons, so when you spray one you are adding to your carbon footprint. Another component of aerosols that is harmful are VOCs — volatile organic compounds. While these do not damage the ozone layer like CFCs, they contribute to ground-level ozone, which is what makes up asthma-enducing smog. VOCs are also commonly found in nail polish, perfumes, and deodorant. 

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