what is the most explosive chemical in the world?



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    Californium-252 is the most expensive chemical in the world.  Only 8 grams have been produced since its discovery in 1950.  It costs $27 million a gram!

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    According to the University of Berkley website (see URL below) there are two classes of explosive chemicals:

    1) Chemicals designed for use as explosives

    2) “Potentially Explosive Chemicals” (PECs)


    Peroxide forming chemicals seem to be the most dangerous, since unstable chemicals may explode if subjected to heat, light, friction, or mechanical shock.  Organic peroxides are highly flammable and highly explosive.

    Acetone peroxide, discovered in 1895 by Richard Wolffenstein is an organic peroxide and “primary high explosive.”

    I highly recommend the information on the Berkley URL for information on safe handling practices.  

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