What is the most expensive type of fruit that we grow?



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    I’m not sure what ‘we’ you’re talking about. If it’s the global ‘we,’ then the fruit would vary from country to country. Fruits that are harder to grow, or rarer to find and transport to a grocery store would be more expensive. For instance, my Japanese teacher was talking about expensive foods, and she said that avocados were ridiculously expensive in Japan, but where I live, people practically give them away. Chances are that the expensive tropical fruits that you would find in a grocer would be about the same price in most countries.

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    According to Yahoo, the absolute top of the line JapaneseYubari King Melons (hybrid of two cantaloupes) have been auctioned off for $26,000, although you can buy a standard Yubari melon for about $50 to $100. They are grown in the town Yubari, and there are relatively few.

    Wiki confirms that and so does the second second source.


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