What is the most expensive protein sold in grocery stores?



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    The question is a little hard to answer, because I think you are equating how good something is with how much it costs? Because the answer to your question as it stands is that you could special rush order protein from a store that was already outrageously overpriced, and set a world record for the most anyone ever paid.

    I’ll also assume that what you mean by “protein” is a dietary supplement. Why that’s important to you, what your goals are in taking it, when you could be eating nice, even inexpensive, protein in real food … it’s hard to imagine. Many people I know who are highly educated and highly green view all dietary supplements for people who are young, healthy (and not pregnant) as snake oil, urban legend, folk medicine, etc.

    Expense does not = quality.

    Eat healthy, and listen to what your body is telling you.

    The article below provides an alternate point-of-view, that if you have an “intense workout regime” supplements can be “safe and efficient”. I’m doubtful. It sounds like an artificial lifestyle that needs to be propped up by artificial means.

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