What is the most expensive mineral in the world?



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    I believe the most expensive mineral is Painite which is valuable because it is so rare. I has been found in Mogok and in a few states in Myanmar. “Only 25 small crystals and only two faceted crystals have been discovered in the world.” The price per carat? 60,000 dollars. 


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    In terms of rare gem stones, a flawless blue diamond was sold for £4 million at a Hong Kong auction by a British jeweller (Moussaieff Jewellers in London) in 2007.  It sold for £650,000 per carat, shattering the record of a red diamond which sold for £450,000 per carat 20 years ago.  Blue diamonds are mostly found in one site, the Premier Mine in South Africa.

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    The most expensive minerals are probably going to be the rarest ones, and I have seen painite and rhodium mentioned as the most expensive mineral. Both are very rare and very expensive. Prices are going to fluctuate based on supply of/demand for these minerals, however.  

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    Painite is the most expensive currently because only 25 small crystals and 2 faceted crystals have been discovered. Currently, painite costs $60,000 per carat.

    For this and other expensive minerals, you can check out http://www.therichest.org/mostexpensive/business/minerals/.

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