What is the most expensive flower?



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    According to the Wedding Channel, the most expensive flower is the Casablanca lily, followed by the Gardenia and then the Hydrangea. However, their list is totally stand-alone and uncited, so I’m not sure I would trust it.

    A group of Chinese scientists created a new species of orchid in 2005 that sold for 200,000 USD to an anonymous buyer.

    In terms of the most expensive cut flowers available in America, the prize goes to the Hydrangea, which costs around 6.50 per stem.

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    While not in comparison to the $200,000 orchid mentioned above, one flower that is quite expensive but used for other than its beauty is the saffron crocus.  Needing 75,000 flowers to produce only one pound of spice (picked by hand) it can sell for upwards of $130 an ounce (over $2000 a pound).

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