What is the most expensive electric car in the world?



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    A company from Silicon Valley called Tesla is coming out with a “high end” electric car. Their average electric cars are $30,000, this car will be $109,000!

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    It is hard to tell which is the most expensive electric car in the world, but after doing some research it is easy to tell which are the more pricey ones.

    On CarVogue.Net’s “Top 10 Electric Cars” List, the most expensive was the Tesla Roadster, costing about $100,000. 

    The Tesla Roadster:

    Another pricey one on the list was the Fisher Karma, at $80,000-$87,000. 

    The Fisher Karma:

    Other cars on the list whose costs are not yet determined but are predicted to be on the more expensive side are: The BMW’s Mini Electric Car and the Aptera Type-1. Only people living in Southern California with a $500 deposit are eligible to buy the Aptera Type-1 after being placed on a wait list!

    The BMW’s Mini Electric Car:

    The Aptera Type-1:

    More electric cars to look out whose prices are not yet determined but were part of the Los Angeles Auto Show 2010 (who usually displays some of the most expensive cars in the WORLD):

    The Kia Pop


    Jaguar’s The Cx75:


    Honda’s Fit EV:

    These are the best of the best of the World’s electric cars: Highest Prices, Highest Quality, and Newest. I’m sorry I couldn’t answer the question of what was the ultimate most expensive electric car but I hope this helps!


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