What is the most expensive crop that the United States grows?



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    According to the EPA, the most expensive crop grown in the United States is corn -covering 17.2 million acres of land and bringing in 15.1 billion dollars. The Associated Press recently reported in an article that corn prices are about $6 a bushel, which is much better when compared to a record high price of $7.99 a bushel over the summer. 

    The second most expensive crop grown in the U.S. are soy beans, being sold for about $11 a bushel and bringing in $12.5 billion in profit. Other pricey U.S. crops are wheat bringing in $5.5 billion followed by cotton bringing in $4.6 billion.

    The graph below shows the rise of corn prices right now compared to prices last year around this same time.

    Corn prices

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    I don’t know if this is the most expensive crop grown in the US, but the Strawberry requires some of the most intensive labor compared to other crops.  Before they are even planted, the fields must be manually covered with a plastic sheeting and injected with a chemical that kills harmful microbes.  After this sheeting is removed by workers, they must install drip irrigation hoses, cover the land again with plastic sheeting, and plant the strawberries between this sheeting.  And that’s just the beginning, that doesn’t include all the nurturing these plants require.

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