What is the most environmentally-friendly use for Craigslist?



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    If one were to try to organize a community cleanup effort through craigslist, that would certainly be a very environmentally-friendly use for it. Or I suppose if someone wanted to sell their services as a green consultant (or a provider of some type of green-tech solution).

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    I think simply selling and re-using old goods uses Craigslist effectively. Instead of throwing away old products, books, or games, they can be given away or sold on Craigslist and can be reused or fixed by others. 

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    Craigslist is a great forum for people to display and sell old goods that would otherwise languish in a landfill.  Reselling things not only cuts down on the consumer waste produced by the goods themselves, it keeps people from buying new things that may come with extra packaging materials, some of which might be difficult to properly recycle.

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