What is the most environmentally friendly way to read books?



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    Either in print form, or on an e-reader; either from a library or otherwise. The pros and cons of all those have been discussed at length here; you will find those discussions if you do a search. And you will find that there is no definitive answer.

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    Some publishers utilize a print-on-demand method, in which each copy of the book is produced only when ordered. That eliminates a pile of books that were never sold and yet required paper, materials, and energy in order to produce them. It’s generally less feasible to do this for books that sell in large amounts, but for small scale publishing it’s a fantastic alternative.

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    The actual printing of a book is one of the least friendly parts, so if you get a lot of mileage from an e-reader, that would be a very strong alternative — a e-reader, in impact, is equivalent to 40 books, or maybe even 100, based on different sources. Checking books out from the library is better than purchasing them, because there’s no paper used.

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