What is the most environmentally friendly way to heat your house?



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    Your best bet is to make your current heating system greener. Make sure your house is properly insulated, so that heat doesn’t seep out, requiring more usage of your heating system. Make sure your heating unit(s), whether gas or electric, is energy efficient and up to date. Older heating units tend to hemorrhage energy.

    Also, make sure to turn down your thermostat when you’re not home. Not so down that your pipes or pets freeze, but down to a minimal level. Keeping your heat turned lower, when coupled with a warm sweater or sweatshirt, can also save energy as well as money.

    If you have a fireplace, using fireplace inserts can turn it into an environmentally friendly as well as efficient heating system. Space heaters also tend to be more eco-friendly than central heating systems.

    It may also behoove you to explore alternative energy sources for your home, such as the use of biofuels or solar panels, which can power your heating system.

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    If you’re looking into a new home at all, the German designed “Passive House” is possibly the most efficient house in terms of heat.  It is not very much mroe expensive then a regular house to build (at least in Germany) and is built to be incredibly insulated, using mostly the sun and body heat to maintain temperature.  They have been talked about here before, see http://greenanswers.com/q/173241/homes-buildings/buildings/what-passive-house, and check out the links below.

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