What is the most environmentally damaging part of prisons?



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    Attached is one example of an environmental study and evaluation of potential environmental impacts on the moving of a prison facililty.

    After reading the document, it looks like the most damaging environmental impacts from any prison facility is probalby any vehicle pool and the medical waste from hospital facilities for inmates.

    Outside of those, although drugs are not allowed in prison, the other environmental impacts could come from an area such as that, including from waste materials – drugs or even antibiotics washed down sinks, in urinals etc.

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    Once constructed, the primary environmental impacts of prisons are energy use and excessive waste products. Most correctional facilities do not have recycling operations in place and use a large amount of “throw away” items. Electricity bills at prisons range from under $50,000 to over $100,000 per month, making fuel consumption likely the most environmentally unfriendly aspect of prisons.

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    Like other large industrial facilities, prisons generate concentrated air and water pollution from heating, power generation, and wastewater treatment systems, as well as solid waste in the form of food waste and any other materials that may be discarded in daily operation. Current projects are underway to upgrade environmental controls at existing prison facilities, while environmental and prisoners’ rights advocates and government officials continue to collect data on these and other harms of the prison industry. Because prisons are an oft-neglected part of our society, they are especially at risk of environmental hazards due to poor air and water quality, poor nutrition and lack of positive social environment, and a variety of other factors. See the first link below for some examples of the intersection of environmental and prison rights activism; it seems far from unprecedented for state and local prison authorities to have accumulated violations of environmental standards.

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    Of course, there’s always the option of making the prison more eco-friendly. Globally, some countries are taking steps to add green elements to their prisons. For example, a prison in Norway is using solar panels and have cut their energy needs by nearly 70%. Hong Kong also recently opened it’s first environmentally-friendly prison with features such as increased natural ventilation, natural lighting and solar panels.  

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