What is the most energy-saving light bulb?



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    Generally speaking, the most energy efficient kinds of light bulbs are compact fluorescent lamps, or CFLs. Within that group, ones that meet certain criteria for a specific level of efficiency are probably the most efficient. In the US, for example, look for Energy Star rated CFLs to find the most energy efficient bulbs available. Not only do the CFLs use a fraction of the electricity of a traditional incandescent bulb, meaning lower energy requirements to power them and small electricity bills, but they also burn at a much lower temperature. In the summer, your house will stay cooler when the lights are on because they won’t be emitting at much heat. To take it a step further and use Energy Star rated products, you’re ensuring that the bulbs you use meet the guidelines put in place by the US Environmental Protection Agency for the bulb’s efficiency, lumen maintenance or how long it is able to maintain its brightness over time, lifetime, starting time, safety, reliability, and color consistency. Energy Star ratings ensure both a high standard of energy efficiency but also quality of product.

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    There are a few of the most energy-efficient light bulbs here:


    There is no one light bulb that has been deemed the most energy-saving.

    However, there is a comprehensive guide on how to shop for “green lighting” here:


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    I actually just read an article about the lighting legislation act that will have impact on energy moving forward. Pretty interesting — beginning 1/1/2012 for the 100-watt incandescent bulb, will establish minimum efficiency standards that most standard incandescent bulbs will not meet. Since lighting accounts for about 22% of all electricity consumed in the U.S.†, a switch to more energy efficient lighting will help reduce the amount of greenhouse gases resulting from the production of electricity.

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