What is the most energy efficient refrigerator?



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    Avanti and Sunfrost refrigerators are the most energy efficient. Kenmore refrigerators also get high marks in terms of cost and energy efficiency.

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    There is a list of the efficiencies of energy star refrigerator compared to non-energy star fridges. Fridgidaire makes the most efficient fridge on this list. It is about 33% more efficient than a normal fridge. The model number for this fridge is Fridgidaire FRT18HP7J*.

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    There is a very wide range of capacity available to consider when comparing refrigerators but to know where to start, count how many people will be using it. A good rule of measure is to allow for around 4 to 6 cubic feet for each adult who will be using it. Now, if you are constantly cooking, such as 3 large meals a day, you may want to consider a double door refrigerator which can offer something in the range of 22 to 30 cubic feet.

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