What is the most energy efficient flat screen TV?



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    New organic LED TVs are supposed to be the most envrionmentally friendly, however it is new tochnology so it is hard to come by and very expensive. More common environmentally friendly TVs are sets which carry the energy star logo.

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    According to many sources, a flat screen 42 inch plasm, with only several hours of use a day, can use as much energy as a large refrigerator! “Powering a fancy TV and full-on entertainment system—with set-top boxes, game consoles, speakers, DVDs and digital video recorders—can add nearly $200 to a family’s annual energy bill,” (Rebecca Smith, Wall Street Journal). 

    “Smith recommends green consumers consider the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) models, which typically uses less energy than comparable plasma sets. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a 28-inch conventional cathode-ray tube (CRT) set uses about 100 watts of electricity. A 42-inch LCD set might consume twice that amount, while plasma could use five times as much, depending on the model and the programming. For the largest screen sizes (60 inches and up), projection TVs are the most energy efficient, clocking in at 150-200 watts—significantly less than the energy a plasma set would use.”

    Sony’s 32-inch Bravia KDL-32JE1 LCD model is touted as the world’s greenest. But even this one can’t compare to the energy savings of an old CRT tv. My recommendation, fix your old tv before buying a new one!

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