What is the most energy efficient computer screen?



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    The computer monitor’s is responsible for a bit of a computer’s energy drain simply because it takes up about 50% of the machine. Energy-Star certified products are usually a good way to go when looking to purchase a more energy efficient machine. The Dell G2210t has been rated one of the top green monitors on the market today.

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    HowStuffWorks rated the Dell G2210t computer monitor the most energy efficient because of how little energy is used during the sleep mode. Look the link below for other energy efficient monitors. In addition, the Daily Green notes that LCD screens are more energy efficient than the traditional CRT screens. 

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    If it fits your needs, laptops are in general much more energy efficient than desktop computers (a laptop uses about 50 watts vs. 240 watts for the average desktop). The Sony VPCP113 is a particularly energy efficient model, although it has only an 8″ screen. The Apple Macbook, Acer Aspire One 533 series and Lenovo ideapad are all also rated as very energy efficient. See the link below for more information of various computers’ energy consumption.

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    You can also modify your existing computer screen to be more energy efficient by turning off the screen whenever you’re not using it, along with the computer. Eliminate screensavers, their initial purpose was to eliminate a phosophorus burn that could damage your screen if an image/site stayed up for too long. Something really awesome you can download is a program called Granola, (http://grano.la) which regulates your computer’s CPU when in idle moments. You can find out more about it with the link below. The greatest thing to remember when opting to go energy efficient with any appliance or mechanism is to take the small approaches first that can reduce your current energy uses in order to create an impact right now. It can be as simple as unpluging when not in use (:

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