What is the most endangered species of turtle in the gulf?



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    All species of sea turtle are listed as endangered or threatened.  Many species of sea turtle exist in and around the Gulf of Mexico.  Three specific species are listed as the MOST endangered of all sea turtles as ‘Critically Endangered’: The Leatherback, Kemp’s Ridley, and Hawksbill turtles.  Unfortunately all three of them are found in the Gulf of Mexico throughout their migration patterns.  Specific numbers of population are hard to come by, but there is no doubt that these three “Critically Endangered” species are at a much higher risk now with the presence of dispersed oil directly in their migratory path, breeding and nesting grounds, and food cycle.


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    Right about now I would say that any animal in the gulf could be called endangered. Out of seven types of sea turtles in the world, five of them live in the gulf, which makes this spill even more disastrous. All of the turtles in the gulf are listed as either threatened or endangered, and I fear that this spill has not helped anything. 

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