What is the most endangered species of marine animal?



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    Various species of sea lions and seals rank high as endangered species.  Refer to the link below for a list of endangered marine species.

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    Technically the baiji is the most endangered species of marine animal.  There have been no sightings in approximately 3 years.  While it is considered most likely extinct, it takes a while for these things to go through so they are the most endangered.  However, disregarding this information, the vaquita is probably the most endangered species of marine animal.  It is the smallest marine mammal in the world and resides in Mexico.  

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    As of 2008 and according to the Center for Biological Diversity, the Right Whale (genus Eubalaena) was the most endangered marine mammal. There have been efforts to prevent their expinction. The US government’s money and New England Aquarium created a database of identification for the Right Whales (90% of them). Since whaling was banned, most deaths to the whales has been caused by collisions with ships. Canadian governments changed their lanes for shipping and are encouraging the U.S. to do the same. The U.S. Navy also keep their eyes out for them reporting sightings.

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