What is the most endangered owl?



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    The Mexican Spotted Owl is extremely endangered. There are only about 2000 of these guys left in the world. Their existence is threatened by the loss of old-growth forests, fires, starvation, and low juvenile survival rates.

    The proper latin name for this bird is Strix Occidentalis Lucida.


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    The most endangered owl is the Spotted Owl. These owls live in coniferous forests mountain areas in Southwestern British Columbia and western United States. Due to logging, road building, and urban development, the birds have gradually lost their habitat. In 2008, there were fewer than 20 Spotted Owls in British Columbia. Presently, there are only six left in the wild.

    The bird’s population is known to be rapidly declining. Unfortunately, the prognosis for the Spotted Owl is poor. In order to re-populated humans must rethink the way they manage their rainforests.

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